As Gulfcrafts becomes the Ambassador of Aluvision modular system in Qatar, we welcome you to the official Aluvision page to find out more about this revolutionary product.

Aluvision, with production facilities in Belgium and Duluth (USA), is a leading manufacturer of high-quality modular systems for exhibitions, indoor & outdoor events. Their impressive range of modular solutions combines creative product design with a premium finish. Aluvision distributes its products through a global network of local partners.

Having a strong commitment to sustainability, all Aluvision products are exceptionally durable and have been designed to be reused over and over again. For more than two decades, the Aluvision products have shown their added value in creating a more sustainable environment.

Modular systems

LED tiles

Event unit

Modular systems
Aluvision is the go-to partner for premium modular standbuilding systems. The innovative plug-and-play system and toolless assembly allow you to build your stands in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The cornerstone of the of Aluvision product range is the Omni-55 PRO frame. This frame system with integrated Velcro® technology can be combined with both panel and fabric infills, allowing you to create unique stand designs. Moreover the Omni-55 PRO frame is fully compatible with other Aluvision products such as lightboxes, volumes, flooring systems, lighting, double deck system,…

LED - tiles
Stand out from the crowd by using the Aluvision Hi-LED tiles to build eye-catching video walls. Thanks to their plug-and-play connection and modular sizing (496 x 496mm), the Aluvision LED tiles perfectly fit the Aluvision frames, making every installation a breeze.

The Aluvision Hi-LED 55 range offers options for both indoor and outdoor usage. The outdoor tiles have a pixel pitch of 3.9 and a very high brightness of 4500 nits, making them also the perfect solution for shopwindows. For indoor applications Aluvision has both a 2.5 and 1.9 pixel pitch available. Next to the standard straight tiles Aluvision also developed convex and concave Hi-LED tiles allowing for endlessly creative configurations.

Event unit
Looking for an extra outdoor space? Flexbox does the trick! These modular units add an exceptional touch to your outdoor event! Not only can they be configured in multiple ways, they can even be stacked, allowing you to create the perfect event space.

A mobile showroom, remarkable display window, luxurious VIP lounge,… The Flexbox applications are endless. The units can feature a variety of Aluvision walls, lighting, desks or other furniture. The result? A unique space that brings a new dimension to your outdoor event!