The Corniche was undoubtedly the heartbeat of the FIFA 2022 World Cup festivities. Stretching along the stunning seaside and connecting some of the most important attractions, it was the go-to destination for fans to fully experience the spirit of this historic event. The area featured massive screens for fans to watch matches, dedicated activities for kids, activation tents, multiple performance and shows, to name just a few. It was a place where the passion for football came to life, and Gulfcrafts team was excited to play a significant role in making it all possible.

As a part of Corniche Activation project, Gulfcrafts manufactured and installed over 4km of fence scrim branding, 150 Corniche flags, more than a thousand temporary signs and tent headers, as well as a great number of various stickers. But one of the most notable aspects of Gulfcrafts' contribution became its wayfinding solution. With thousands of fans flocking to the Corniche, ensuring everyone could find their way was crucial. Gulfcrafts created and installed wayfinding towers and totems along the entire 8-kilometer stretch of the Corniche, thus providing guiding beacons that not only looked impressive but also made it a breeze for fans to move around and find their desired locations.