Gulfcrafts Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Project Qatar

The 20th anniversary of the Project Qatar Exhibition was a landmark event, and Gulfcrafts made a remarkable impression with their cutting-edge design and engaging displays winning the Most Innovative Stand Design award. Additionally, Gulfcrafts received a special award recognizing the 11Years of Outstanding Partnership with Project Qatar as its Innovative Branding Sponsor.

This year, Gulfcrafts' booth was a standout, featuring a double-deck structure made from sustainable modular aluminum profiles. This design not only showcased the company’s versatile capabilities but also offered a vibrant rooftop lounge atmosphere, ideal for networking with old and new friends, partners, and clients.

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The booth's modern aesthetic was further enhanced by an array of LED screens in various shapes and sizes, creating a surreal and contemporary ambiance. Gulfcrafts took the opportunity to display a wide selection of 3D statues and signage, along with traditional signage samples. In the space branding section, Gulfcrafts demonstrated a variety of printing techniques on different media, including metal and glass and showcased impressive 3D printing effects. This mix highlighted the company's expertise in both cutting-edge and classic branding solutions.

Furthermore, Gulfcrafts participated in the Smart Manufacturing Conference, powered by Project Qatar, sharing their extensive expertise in sustainable design and smart manufacturing techniques. Their contributions highlighted the company's commitment to forward-thinking practices and their leadership in promoting sustainable solutions in the manufacturing industry