Reimagining Reality or a New Dimension of Space Branding at MetaWhat? Exhibition

The metaverse, an interconnected virtual reality universe, has captured the imagination of millions worldwide. To celebrate this exciting new frontier, MetaWhat? exhibition, dedicated to exploring the vast possibilities of the metaverse and the change it brings into our lives, has been unveiled at Northwestern University in Doha.  Renowned for its expertise in crafting space branding solutions, Gulfcrafts was entrusted with the task of creating a captivating and immersive experience that brings the metaverse to life.

The major challenge of the project was that it almost entirely consisted of cut-out vinyl stickers, thus demanding meticulous attention to detail. These stickers, carefully designed and precision-cut, adorned nearly every surface of the exhibition space and required substantial expertise, dedication and technical skills of our production and installation teams. While seemingly delicate, they created a peculiar visual landscape that effortlessly blended the digital and physical worlds.

To elevate the visitor experience, Gulfcrafts employed chrome vinyl for selected elements that not only added a layer of elegance and reflectiveness but also contributed to the overall futuristic aesthetic of the space.

A focal point of the Exhibition branding was its prominent glass manifestations. Incorporating the MetaWhat? theme, they decorated the windows, allowing natural light to interact with the cut-out stickers and chrome vinyl, creating an ever-shifting visual effect.

In the months leading up to December 2023, as MetaWhat? continues to enchant visitors, it will also serve as a beacon of how creativity, innovation, and precision can transform physical spaces into immersive metaverse wonderland. 

Find out more about MetaWhat? exhibition here:

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