A Fusion of Tradition and
Innovation in Textile Printing

In the heart of Italy, world’s capital of textile design, Monti Antonio stands as a testament to family business excellence, with a legacy dating back to 1959. Initially focused on machinery for knitwear pressing and steam boilers, the company transitioned into the textile industry in the 1970s and has grown into one of the biggest names on the market, specializing in laminating, thermoprinting, finishing, and ironing.  Present in 95 countries and boasting 15,000 sold machines, Monti Antonio has become synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability.

The core of Monti Antonio success lies in the unshaken quality of their products. Apart from the 60+ years of experience, the company draws strength from the renowned Italian expertise in fabrics, leveraging the country's rich history in textile craftsmanship. Combined with the prowess the company developed in colour-fixation calenders, this unique package positioned it as a global leader in heat transfer printing. 

This solid approach represents a paradigm shift in textile printing technology, aligning perfectly with Gulfcrafts' commitment to offering clients the latest and most effective solutions. The company's newest addition to Gulfcrafts' printing arsenal, the Monti Antonio C05 roll-to-roll sublimation machine, is a technological marvel that allows the transfer of prints from paper to fabric, ensuring sharper images and consistent colours across various fabric types. 

Gulfcrafts' collaboration with Giffin Graphics, the trusted distributor of Monti Antonio in Qatar, adds another layer of efficiency to the partnership. Giffin Graphics, renowned for its reliability and swift services, ensures that Gulfcrafts receives the full spectrum of support required for seamless integration and optimal performance of Monti Antonio machines in their operations.

The innovative Monti Antonio machine, facilitated through our partnership with Giffin Graphics, positions Gulfcrafts as a frontrunner in delivering high-quality textile printing solutions, setting new benchmarks for the industry. Together, Monti Antonio and Gulfcrafts redefine the landscape of textile printing with Italian expertise and technological prowess.

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