In 2016, the city of Doha, Qatar, played host to the prestigious UCI Cycling World Championship, an event that showcased the world's best cyclists competing for glory in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. The competition was not just a celebration of sporting excellence but also an opportunity for Qatar to demonstrate its expertise in hosting international events, and Gulfcrafts stood up to the challenge successfully executing its space branding.

Spectators were welcomed by striking visuals, with banners, signage, and branding elements strategically placed throughout the event locations. The company's attention to detail transformed the venues into vibrant and memorable spaces for athletes and fans alike. With our temporary signage and wayfinding solutions, spectators and participants were guided effortlessly to their desired destinations, enhancing the overall event experience.

Gulfcrafts' expertise extended to the finer details, such as the design and installation of flags, stage backdrops, and other event-specific branding elements. These added an extra layer of visual appeal, reinforcing the championship's grandeur.